Private Property Towing

Private Property Towing

Protect your parking.

Your parking lot or garage is the lifeblood of your business. Your customers need to have space available to park so that they can do business with you. Or perhaps you own a building, with assigned parking spaces for tenants. Your tenants need to get in and out. Anything that interferes with their parking means you have unhappy tenants. But as long as there are parking spaces around, there will be drivers who park illegally on your lot, or in your garage. Those are spots that are not available for your customers or tenants. No customers, no business.  Unhappy tenants, no rentals. You need unauthorized vehicles towed, and you need it fast.

Towing is what we do. Even private property towing.

When you need fast & friendly private property towing, 501 Towing & Roadside can provide the service you need.

We Can Handle Private Property Towing for Parking Lot or Garage

In fact, no matter what kind of vehicle you need towed, we can do that. And we have reasonable prices for private property towing.

Call us and we can give you a quote over the phone before dispatching a tow truck to help you, so you will know exactly what you’ll pay before we get there, with no unpleasant surprises.

We Have the Equipment and Experience to Handle Your Private Property Towing.

Our drivers are experienced and fully-equipped to handle your private property towing situation. They know exactly what to do to keep your lot or garage clear of unwanted vehicles.

And they can handle any situation, from motorcycles and scooters…to standard size cars…to large trucks. Have a tricky situation, such as a low-clearance garage? Our drivers can work with you to remove vehicles safely even in unusual situations.

When you call, our dispatchers will work with you to figure out what kind of tow truck you need for your particular situation.